Custom Acrylic Displays

When stock display fixtures don’t showcase your products and brand, sales can suffer. Custom Acrylic displays are a tailored solution to effectively merchandise and showcase your offerings while making presentation impactful and appealing. Can your products benefit from the investment in custom acrylic displays?

Let’s take a closer look at how to determine if they are right for you and introduce you to how The Fixture Zone can support you from idea to delivery.

Is Custom Acrylic Right for Your Brand and Products?

Retail success is about capturing the attention and interest of shoppers. Custom Acrylic displays effectively showcase products with a compelling presentation and strong branding.

In our experience, custom acrylic is particularly fitting for products and brands meeting certain characteristics:

Countertop and Display Case Presentation – Custom acrylic displays are particularly well suited for items displayed on countertops, shelves, and existing display cases by creating a dedicated/branded merchandising environment perfectly fitting to your product requirements.

Color and Size Variety – By creating a well-organized display space tailored to your product line, custom acrylic displays can accommodate a wide product range providing natural organization of individual color and size SKUs to optimize presentation.

Security and Shrinkage Risk – Custom acrylic displays can be created with features to increase security and reduce shrinkage risk including anti-sweep doors, locking doors, limitations on direct customer access and more.

Demanding Brand requirements – With a wide variety of color and print options available, custom acrylic displays can feature your branding with impact and appeal.

Differing retail formats – Custom acrylic displays can be created to match your particular store placement, whether that is on a countertop, adjacent to checkouts, on shelf or in specific retail departments.

Customization Options

Acrylic is lightweight, strong, economical, and easy to fabricate which provides the ability to customize your display to meet your specific requirements. Among the choices you can make to make your acrylic display are:

A Variety of Colors and Finishes – Acrylic is available in a variety of colors and finishes to match your needs to complement you brand and retail aesthetic. Our capabilities include alternative colors from clear to vibrant hues. Finishes can range from translucent to frosted and mirrored materials. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Custom Sizing – Custom acrylic displays can be adapted to meet the specific size requirements of your product and brand. The Fixture Zone can design and develop custom acrylic to any height, depth, or width, vary shelf height and configuration, and meet your requirements for both customer and store staff access.

Custom Printing – There are a variety of printing options to carry your branding or message to customers, including direct digital and silk screen printing to adaptation of graphic inserts that can be easily changed out to meet evolving needs.

Security Options – Custom Acrylic Displays can include door with secure latches, magnetic closures or locks to add security to valuable merchandise.

Leveraging our experience in understanding brand requirements and the wide variety of materials and options available, The Fixture Zone has worked with leading brands to create high impact displays that make shopping and merchandising easy.

How We Work

We put your needs first and design custom acrylic displays to meet the most demanding requirements. We approach every custom product as unique and apply a disciplined process to ensure your satisfaction with the finished product as well as with every step of the process. We provide end-to-end project management for your project, from idea to delivery:

How Can We Help You?

The Fixture Zone is ready to meet the most demanding brand and product merchandising challenges. You can learn more about our custom acrylic display capabilities at

Call us at 800.528-5306 to discuss your brand needs or drop us an email at

Oct 10th 2022 Charles Sacks, CEO

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