2023 - What's Your Plan?

2023 - What's Your Plan?

New year. New challenges. New opportunities.

The start of the new year is a great opportunity to create new plans and priorities to achieve your objectives. We think it’s also a great time to get ahead with planning for your needs and build a realistic budget for the year.

What are your goals for 2023? Do you have plans in place to achieve them? Whether you operate a single boutique store or a chain of 1,000 stores, having a solid, well thought operating plan is the first step in making your goals reality.

For most businesses, the goal is to profitably grow sales so you can improve your return on the time and capital you invest in your business. Doing that means managing the two complementary sides of the business well – operating efficiently and growing sales.

Here are some things to consider on both sides of the business as you plan for 2023. We pride ourselves on providing products that help retailers do both! If there’s a particular challenge you have in your business, give us a call to see how we can help.

Operating Efficiently

One of the most overlooked areas we see in retail is building operating flows that are efficient and effective. From receiving products from your vendors to making those products available to customers, there are opportunities to streamline operations, improve product flow and reduce costs.

From receipt to merchandising, the process is usually straightforward:

Receive > Verify > Store > Tag > Stage > Merchandise

Have you mapped out your operating processes? Are they clear to you and your staff? Do you have the necessary equipment to manage the process well? What improvements can you make to improve how you operate to reduce costs and time while improving accuracy?

Here are a few products that our customers use to make operations more efficient..

Gaylord Bulk Storage / Transfer Bins

Gaylords are study, reusable, collapsible containers for organizing, storing and transporting goods in bulk. You can receive goods from shippers, load them into gaylord bins and relocate them easily to your backroom operation or other store locations. Gaylords provide a large volume and fold down for easy storage when not in use.

POLY-TRUX Bulk Carts

POLX Bulk Carts provide similar benefits to gaylords with more mobility and a slimmer footprint suitable for the backroom or retail floor. With built-in casters and 800 lbs. of capacity, they make moving products between docks, workstations and from back of house to retail floor easy.

Back-Of-House Racks

These mobile Z-Racks are perfect for backroom sorting, tagging and preparation of hanging products for your display floor. You can easily hang items for processing and wheel the rack out to the display floor for merchandising. 

Sorting Tables

These collapsible folding tables are great for organizing products and processing products headed for your display floor. 

Growing Top Line Sales

From a marketing perspective, there are only three sources of sales growth:

1. Getting your current customers to buy more frequently

2. Gaining new customers

3. Increasing the amount that customers spend when they buy

Have you identified how you will grow in 2023? And what plans are you making to drive the performance you need? Are your strategies lined up to your objectives?

Some plan options to consider, depending on your goals, include:

To get customers to buy more frequently,

  • Loyalty programs 

  • Adding new products

To gain new customers,

  • Improve window and front end displays to draw visitors
  • Use signage to highlight your offerings

To increase the average ring in your store,

  • Set up temporary displays and secondary merchandising locations to provide more purchase opportunities
  • Provide impulse purchase opportunities for add-on products

Here are some of our products that can help you grow sales by providing more opportunities for your customers to buy:

Sign Holders 

Sign Holders help your customers discover you merchandise features, and range from freestanding floor signs to standing signs that complement your existing displays.

Wire Dump Bins

Wire dump bins provide secondary display opportunities in your store to increase product exposure. Dump bins are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your specific needs.

Acrylic Countertop Displays

Acrylic countertop displays add appeal at your sales counter and showcase products to drive interest and sales. A variety of configurations, sizes and finishes are available. 

Let us help you meet the challenge of 2023!

Contact us today at 1-528-5306 or email us at to discuss you needs to make your 2023 goals reality. From backroom to front end, we can help you operate more efficiently and drive sales growth!

Jan 17th 2023

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