​Gaylord Bins/Boxes – The Workhorse of Retail Operations

I’ve had a lot of customer inquiries lately about Gaylord boxes (or bulk storage bins) and thought this was a great opportunity to review how our customers are using these to streamline retail operations.

What’s a Gaylord bin? 

A Gaylord bin is simply a pallet-sized bin used for bulk receiving, storing, transporting and displaying goods. The name originates from their original manufacturer, Gaylord Container Company, but is widely used in the industry for large format bulk boxes. Gaylord boxes are available both in cardboard or more durable HDPE. The Fixture Zone offers new and used HDPE  Gaylord bins that are adapted for use with backroom equipment like pallet jacks. 

Gaylord Box benefits 

Gaylord Bins are big, strong, and durable, making them real workhorses at retail. 

They are: 

  • Long-lasting. Gaylord bins can be used over and over again to support your operation
  • Transportable. Gaylord bins are easily transported with a pallet jack or forklift, making it easy to relocate them wherever needed. 
  • Storage: When collapsed they are efficient to transport compared to other products that have fixed walls 
  • Large Capacity. Gaylords make handling large or bulky items easy. 
  • Cost Effective. Gaylords are made for the long-haul and many years of service 
  • Customizable. Available in a variety of sizes, you can match your Gaylords to your specific needs. 
  • Recyclable: They are completely recyclable 

How Our Customers Use Gaylords 

Since Gaylords are really just large, durable boxes, they offer a lot of opportunities. Here are a few of the uses that our customers have shared with us. 

  • Receiving – Gaylords are used during receiving operations for bulk items since they offer high capacity and are easy to transport. Grocery stores use our Gaylords to move bulk items from receiving to processing or even for longer term storage on racks in the backroom. Thrift store operators use Gaylords for collecting donated items and moving them in bulk to sorting and tagging operations. 
  • Transporting – Gaylords are used to transport items in bulk from the backroom to retail selling spaces to makes restocking sections easy. 
  • Storage – Since Gaylords effectively cube bulk items and are forklift and pallet jack compatible, they work great for interim storage. 

We offer both new and used Gaylord bins in a variety of sizes and configuration.

Want to learn more about how Gaylords are making store operations more efficient? Give us a call! 


The Fixture Guy

May 16th 2022 Charles Sacks, CEO

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