Super Heavy Weight Plastic Hanger (Box of 100)

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Super Heavy Weight Plastic Hanger (Box of 100)

Try our 17-inch wide, super heavy-weight plastic hanger for shirts, dresses and other clothing apparel. If your tired of flimsy clothes hangers that bend, warp, get out of shape or break easily. Clear comes with a zinc swivel hook and black with a black swivel hook.

Heavy clothes need heavy weight hangers
These clothes hangers are heavy enough to hold everything from shirts and dresses to winter coats.

Made of heavy-duty plastic, these clothing hangers feature a space-saving flat body, two notched shoulders for the option of hanging straps, and a steel swivel hook. Use for dresses, shirts, blouses, sweaters, light- and medium-weight jackets and coats, heavy winter robes, gowns, formal wear wedding dresses, and more.

  • Heavy duty plastic -- These dress hangers / shirt hangers are strong enough to hold everything from blouses and sweaters to winter coats.
  • Swivel hook - - The smooth, strong, polished steel swivel hook makes it quick and easy to handle merchandise placement and recovery tasks.
  • Notched shoulders -- The notched shoulders are ideal for dress straps, bathing suit straps and security straps. Although heavy weight, these hangers work well for all strappy items including delicate lingerie.
  • Space saving -- the flat body of these clothes hangers take up little space on your sales floor racks and they store flush in the stockroom, giving you more space for inventory.

Wholesale hangers - - Buy in bulk, 100 hangers per box

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