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Slatwall Panels & Inserts

Slatwall also called slatwall panels, slotwall panels, slot wall, displaywall panels, slatboard panels, display wall panels, wall display panels is one of the most versatile display systems. Same day pickup in Phoenix location. Fast low cost shipping from closest location. Made in USA. Panels are typically manufactured using a 3/4" thick MDF core material. MDF (medium density fiberboard) is 120-130 psi IB (Internal Bond) and 48# pcf average density. Fixture Zone has been a manufacturer and supplier of slatwall for more than 30 years. According to our wood manufacturers, the screw holding capacity for the face is 325 lbs and 250 lbs for the edge. The tolerance on the squareness of the board is 1/8" when measured across the diagonals of the board. Other plywoods, veneers, fire-rated, and higher psi grade boards are available upon request. The boards can be surfaced in a variety of finishes including: HPL (high pressure laminates) including Formica brand, Nevamar brand, Pionite brand, LPL (low pressure laminates), wood veneer, plexi-mirror, or used as a raw paintable surface.

Slatwall is generally machined by cutting slots (grooves) at intervals of 3" on center. Other sizes are available. The grooves on a standard 4 x 8 panel can run the 8ft length (horizontal panels) or the 4ft length (vertical panels). Panels typically are 4 x 8, but can be ordered in various sizes.

All panels comply with CARB Phase 2 Formaldehyde emission standards in CCR93120.2(a)

We ship from multiple locations to save on freight and time.
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