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Gridwall Acrylic J-Shelves

J-shelves come in three different styles, with and without endpieces: flat bottom; flat bottom with a spacer bar to tilt away from the wall; and angled bottom, which tilts cards back slightly.
Gridwall Acrylic Open-End J-Shelf
Gridwall Acrylic Closed-End J-Shelf
Gridwall Acrylic Open-End Flat-Bottom J-Shelf
Gridwall Acrylic Closed-End Flat-Bottom J-Shelf
Retail Price: $7.89
Retail Price: $10.68
Retail Price: $7.89
Retail Price: $10.68
Gridwall Acrylic Tilted Open-End J-Shelf
Gridwall Acrylic Tilted Closed-End J-Shelf
Retail Price: $8.35
Retail Price: $11.13
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