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Acrylic Square Interlocking Riser click to enlarge image

Acrylic Square Interlocking Riser

Item# WCS1
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Acrylic Square Interlocking Riser

Four tiered, square platform, wedding cake syle riser. This unit breaks down completly flat, making it an ideal solution for a trade show by giving you a large amount of display area in a small footprint.

11-1/2in.H unit: Shelf clearance is 2-1/2in. Shelves are 8-1/2in., 7in., 5-5/8in., and 4-1/4in. square. Made of 1/8in. thick acrylic.

16in.H unit: Shelf clearance is 3-3/4in. Shelves are 11-1/2in., 9in., 7in., and 5in. square. Made of 1/8in. thick acrylic.

21-3/4in.H unit: Shelf clearance is 5-1/4in. Shelves are 15in., 12in., 9in., and 6-1/4in. square. Made of 3/16in. thick acrylic.

27-1/2in.H unit: Shelf clearance is 6-1/2in. Shelves are 18-1/2in., 15in., 11-1/4in., and 7-3/4in. square. Made of 1/4in. thick acrylic.

34-1/4in.H unit: Shelf clearance is 8in. Shelves are 22-3/4in., 18-1/2in., 14-1/4in., and 10in. square. Made of 1/4in. thick acrylic.
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