Acrylic Locking Top-Opening Tray

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Acrylic Locking Top-Opening Tray

Square sizes in three heights, rectangular sizes all 2-3/4in.H. Cam lock and two keys are included. The CLCTR4 and CLCTR55 are sized for use with standard 1in. and 1-1/2in.H open jewelry trays for rings, earrings, etc.

CLCT1 - 2in.H x 6in.W x 6in.D.
CLCT2 - 2in.H x 9in.W x 9in.D.
CLCT3 - 2in.H x 12in.W x 12in.D.
CLCT4 - 4in.H x 10in.W x 10in.D.
CLCT5 - 4in.H x 14in.W x 14in.D.
CLCT6 - 4in.H x 18in.W x 18in.D.
CLCT7 - 6in.H x 12in.W x 12in.D.
CLCT8 - 6in.H x 18in.W x 18in.D.
CLCTR1 - 2-3/4in.H x 7-1/2in.W x 8-1/2in.D.
CLCTR2 - 2-3/4in.H x 12in.W x 8in.D.
CLCTR4 - 2-3/4in.H x 14-1/2in.W x 8-1/2in.D.
CLCTR55 - 2-3/4in.H x 15in.W x 17in.D.
CLCTR6 - 2-3/4in.H x 18in.W x 12in.D.
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