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Trac 2001 System

TRAC 2001 is a unique wall system that permits you to insert wood grained panels, slatwall, or graphics between the uprights. These panels can be inserted easily and quickly into the channels of the uprights without attaching the panels to the wall itself.

TRAC 2001 consists of an aluminum horizontal extrusion that is attached to the wall, and universally slotted uprights that will accept panels that can be inserted into the uprights.
TRAC2001 93in.H Basic Upright
Universal Tap-in Style 12in. Shelf Bracket
Rectangular Hangrail
End Cap For Rectangular Hangrail
Retail Price: $42.00
Retail Price: $0.96
Retail Price: $7.95
Retail Price: $0.56
Extended End Cap for Rectangular Tubing
Universal Rectangular Hangrail Bracket Chrome
Saddle Mount 2in. Faceout
Rectangular Hangrail 12in. Faceout Chrome
Retail Price: $0.65
Retail Price: $3.13
Retail Price: $2.00
Retail Price: $2.54
Rectangular Hangrail 7 Cube Waterfall
Rectangular Hangrail 5 Hook Waterfall
Aluminum Wall Channel Box of 2
Retail Price: $4.55
Sale Price:$3.53
Retail Price: $78.00
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